A tool to analyze and manage your stock portfolio. Using value investing principles.

Track and understand the intrinsic value of your investments. Now exclusively available for Interactive Brokers customers.

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Unveil the intrinsic value of your investments.

Based on the principles of Benjamin Graham's "Security Analysis" SCRAULT is a software which displays the valuation of stocks in colors.
Discover opportunities

Understand your portfolio at one glance. Recognize undervalued and overvalued stocks by colors based on your own model parameters.

Understand investements

Keep track of investment decisions and follow the value generation of your stocks in a portfolio watchlist.

Get reports

Take notes and get a history of your own stock analysis. Print out reports based on your own research.

IB integration

The Windows application connects to Interactive Brokers TWS. Interact via display groups and access your analysis and notes with only one click.

Own model parameters

While SCRAULT retrieves basic fundamentals from your IB subscriptions you can enter your own model parameters (growth assumption, normalized EPS/BVPS, interest rate).

Display value generation

SCRAULT displays estimated earnings per year (EPY) for every position and also for your portfolio which allows you to estimate the incremental intrinsic value.

Value investing - a sustainable way to invest in stocks.

The idea that a dividend paying common stock can be seen as a perpetuity and is worth the present value of future dividends is not new and has been described by J.B. Williams "The Theory of Investement Value" in 1938. Based on that Benjamin Graham advanced that idea and developed a formula for the valuation of growth stocks which he published in his book "Security Analysis". As a formula alone is not sufficient for the evaluation of a company SCRAULT offers you a framework which allows you to apply that idea of value investing to your own analysis which supports you in building a portfolio of value stocks.

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